Car Hire in France

Visiting Chaumont is of course fantastic but don’t forget to see the rest of the country. France is a wonderful experience and something you will want to enjoy every minute of.

There is an abundance of activities to get involved in and sights to see. Depending on what type of holiday you have in mind, it could be a good idea to start arranging everything well before the time you are due to arrive. This means all the essentials.

Take out your laptop or a good old fashioned pen and piece of paper and start to jot down exactly what you will require during your stay. If you are responsible for other people then of course you will need to think carefully about what they will require.

Car Hire

For car hire, I usually use a cost comparison website such as the one here at car hire France as this way I can check the prices of cars at lots of different companies.

You can also narrow down your options if for instance you requite an automatic or perhaps a 4×4.

I visited the south of France last summer and booked a car hire Perpignan Airport deal. It was as expected and offered good value.

I use the same kind of system when looking for hotels. Just put in your details and like with car rental you will be given a list of choices from various suppliers. Then its a straightforward choice of choosing between the various offers.


Flights should be booked online I think. The days of going to your local travel agent seem to be in the past as they simply cant compete with budget airlines or I guess what I really mean is that they will offer you the same flights as you could find online but with their commission tacked on which is fair enough too of course, They have got to make a living after all.

For hotels I normally try a site like Expedia or one of the big price compare websites. I just find it easiest really.

There are a few others I like to check as well but in general its sites like this where I will generally settle on a final choice. Its great to be able to look at the options clearly when weighing up a decision – pros – write em down, cons – write em down – simple stuff.